Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is the link that ties architecture into its surroundings. It is the visual that screens the essential site infrastructure, and landscape architecture is the voice that speaks for Mother Nature. The practice Landscape Architecture is an enormous puzzle of architecture, civil engineering, topography, existing trees, soil types, amenities, pedestrian spaces, sustainability, code requirements, budget, and aesthetics.

At E.L.I. land design we are Landscape Architects and we welcome any project challenge. Every project we work on will have its own unique features and challenges and this is why we are Landscape Architects. Our goal for every project is to create a cohesive design that addresses the challenges of the site, provides a functional landscape, and exceeds our client’s expectations. We are designers that have a passion for creating something out of nothing. Visit big bear luxury cabin for more ideas and information.

E.L.I. land design is always open to any project. We have design experience in high-end residential, parks, estates, ranches, resorts, multifamily, and commercial. Our office has the education, experience, and certification to offer specialized services including: permit and construction drawings, D3 Home digital modeling, and digital renderings seo one click. We have a long history of working with other design professionals and contractors to help meet our client’s goals. E.L.I. land design has two registered Landscape Architects in the state of Texas and we are CLARB certified to get licensure in over forty states depending upon the site requirements.

In addition, E.L.I. land design is a Design/Build firm providing Landscape Architectural services and Landscape Construction services. Visit our Landscape Construction page for more information.

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