Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

E.L.I. land design offers a wide range of construction services to enhance the outdoor experiences of our residential and commercial clients in the Houston area. We provide value-added services to our customers by cultivating a successful partnership throughout the construction process. Attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, a professional staff, the use of time-tested materials, and construction practices allow us to offer you a finished product with unmatched quality and sustainability, visit Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients and consultants by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the E.L.I. team.

Complex projects often require a Landscape Architect to provide construction administration to aid in reviewing the progress of site construction, specifically design and aesthetics. Because the team at E.L.I. are registered Landscape Architects, we see the issues of design while constructing and can foresee things on site that may get missed by a general contractor. E.L.I. also knows how to work closely with design disciplines to ensure that their construction drawings are getting implemented without compromising the design intent during construction looking for commercial office furniture in san diego. Because of this, we are a huge asset to design professionals, contractors, and our clients saving them time and money on costly change orders. If you choose to hire E.L.I. land design to do both design and build your project then the construction administration by the project Landscape Architect will be included in our construction services at no additional cost. See Landscape Architecture for additional information.

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Houston Landscape Site Contractor
Site Construction is the backbone to all landscape projects. Beginning with tree preservation, mass grading to define landform signatures, and elevations of project elements, site construction is the most critical phase of any landscape project. Site construction is generally not complete until all project elements such as walls, ramps, pathways, driveways, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, plazas, water features, terraces, and drainage infrastructure are fixed in place. Whether your project is a backyard renovation or a multi-acre community the E.L.I. team has the technical skill and forged through experience in the field, to execute all of your project site construction requirements.
Houston's reputation for heavy
rain events and the known effects of subsidence combined with gentle sloping landforms present many challenges to successful site drainage. Design work prior to construction is the key to resolving drainage challenges. Our reputation for technical precision ensures that the site drainage on all of our projects is done right the first time.
Houston & The Woodlands Landscape Irrigation
Water is our most precious resource and presents many challenging issues across our great state. Many of our clients are not aware the state of Texas requires that all irrigation system design, installation, and repairs be performed by an irrigator Licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to help confront misuse of our resource. E.L.I. has a Texas licensed irrigator current in all regulations, installation practices, and techniques to ensure that the sprinkler systems installed on our projects are water wise.
Landscape planting is the icing on
the cake that was built during site construction. The planting phase of our projects is the most fun for our clients and us too. Ask any Landscape Architect how they got involved in the field, most will say it was because of the plants. The plants that we use on our projects are selected from the best regional growers. If we cannot locate your specimen plant material locally our extended team will get it located and shipped.
Houston & The Woodlands Landscape Lighting
Creatively designed landscape lighting is the binding element for safety and what keeps families and friends together after the sun goes down. The E.L.I. team is well versed in the design and technical precision required to install line voltage, low voltage, and LED lighting systems. Get ready to talk about positive and negative space.
Houston & The Woodlands Landscape Maintenance
A Landscape Architect's design for a project is intended to evolve over time. After all, your landscape is alive and should be designed to change with the seasons. E.L.I. will keep the true intention of your landscape design alive by providing spring and fall visits to address all maintenance requirements and seasonal color replacement.

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