10 Oaks

10 Oaks

Location: West Houston, TX

Services: Landscape Architecture

10 Oaks is a Class-A apartment and townhome project situated just West of the Houston energy corridor. The multifamily community boasts two large open air courtyards in the apartments while the townhomes each have their own private backyards. A formal, clean line approach was taken to the landscape design, as it complements the architecture of the buildings, but also brings better functionality to the enclosed spaces. The West courtyard is designed for informal recreation including open lawn, large terrace space and outdoor games. In addition, pets can utilize the dog park and dog pool. The East courtyard has the main focus of the resort style pool, complete with granite water features and private cabanas corporate car service Phoenix. Extensive landscaping further reinforces the formal landscape of the project, while providing softness and color to the site.


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