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The team at E.L.I. land design grew up in the NW Houston area and has been watching it grow from two-lane FM roads to major thoroughfares lined with development. We were there in 1994 when The Woodlands Mall had its grand opening and things haven’t stopped emerging in the area since. Because this is home to us both past and present we have a sense of pride when it comes to designing and constructing in the area. E.L.I. land design strives to protect the initial design concepts set forth in the 1970’s to protect the existing native environment and utilize sustainable practices where possible. Visit www.actionac.net and get more information. With strict landscape requirements in The Woodlands including residential neighborhoods such as Carlton Woods and Carlton Woods Creekside requiring signed and sealed drawings as well as review boards in East Shore, E.L.I.’s experience in the area speaks volumes about our ability to get things designed and built within the city.

From commercial to residential estates E.L.I. land design provides our clients with turn-key solutions in the area for their landscape projects within The Woodlands and Montgomery area. Our landscape architectural services include land planning, tree inventory and analysis, project feasibility analysis, site-specific design, and project management for the purpose of improving the utility, character, and sustainability of the landscape. Our landscape construction services include site construction after utility infrastructure, site drainage installation, landscape irrigation, and landscape planting. Visit The Lock Boss of Dublin. See our Landscape architecture and Site Construction pages for more detail.

E.L.I. land design is located in The Woodlands, TX and allows us to work closely with our property owners and provide unmatched attention to detail. Our comprehensive landscaping services provide property owners with living works of art. We are prompt, professional and would love to discuss your project in more detail. Please contact us to schedule a meeting and browse our portfolio for work samples.

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